If you filled up your tank over the weekend, you might have noticed that the price of gas was a bit higher than you expected.

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According to WGRZ, the prices have jumped because of the impact that Hurricane Laura has had on the Gulf Coast region.

Buffalo has seen the largest increase. The Queen City has seen a nine cent increase per gallon since last week, pushing the average cost per gallon up to $2.26.


While Buffalo has seen the largest increase with a bump of around 9 cents per gallon, the increase in gas could be felt all over Western New York.

Gas was up 2 cents to around $2.24 in Batavia while the average price of gas in Lewiston was around $2.21.

According to Gasbuddy.com, here are the lowest prices of gas across Western New York.

Amherst - $2.07
West Seneca - $2.19
Hamburg - $2.25
Lancaster - $2.19

There is good news, it looks like a lot of the oil refinery equipment wasn't damaged by Hurricane Laura so the prices should level off or even decrease over the next couple of weeks.


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