Haha.  I wonder how much this cost the Buffalo Bills?

The Bills kept their word.  They sent a nice THANK YOU to the Cincinnati Bengals for beating the Baltimore Ravens and sending the Bills to the playoffs for the first time in 17 years. On Tuesday night, the Bills sent Duff's heading down the 90 to make the delivery of chicken wings (not Buffalo Wings like Jeopardy said).

1440 wings 
90 lbs of celery
30 lbs of carrots
6 gallons of blue cheese
9 gallons of Duff’s wing sauce
And a TON of thank you’s from Buffalo!

50 wings will run you $47.99, and some quick math reveals that the Bills are sending more than $1,380 worth of wings...and that's not counting the veggies!

Of course, it has now sparked the natural argument about who has the best wings in Buffalo.

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