Saving money is not easy.

Everyone wants more money, right? Sometimes we are so unaware of how much money we are actually spending until we see our bank accounts and then realize we need to do a better job of saving it.

If you have a hard time actually saving your money and you need a 'plan' or someone to 'force' you to save money, here is the 100 Day Envelope Challenge. It has been going around social media for some time now, but really is great that after a year, you have over 5000 dollars sitting cash money.

100 Day Envelope Challenge

So here is what you do:

  • Get 100 envelopes
  • Label each envelope starting with the #1, the next envelope #2 and so on, until all 100 envelopes are labeled.
  • Once labeled put them all in a box and shake the box up. Really mix up the envelopes.
  • Every Friday (once you get paid do this right away) pick 2 envelopes out of the box without looking.
  • Whatever number it says on the envelope, fill it with that amount of dollars.
  • Example: If you pick envelope #16 and number #52. Fill them both up, $16 in one and $52 in the other, respectively.

After all 50 weeks are done, you’ll have 100 envelopes that are filled with a total of $5,050! Wal-ah! It is that simple and good luck to all!

Do you have any other tricks that you have tried in the past that have worked? We want to hear them!

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