This is interesting.

On the side of the road right now in Orleans County in the Town of Barree, there is a big safe. A big old red safe on the side of the road and we have no clue why. But, there is a sign that is duct taped on all sides that reads 'if you can open this, you can have what's inside'. The Town of Barre posted pictures of it on Facebook and also posted that folks keep asking them for more info. It's big news for the town in Orleans County whose population is about 2,000 people.

Nobody knows how it got there or why.


What could possibly be inside of it? Is it supposed to be something big? A prank? Heck, it may just be that someone had it in their house and didn't know how to get it opened and wanted to get rid of the safe.

UPDATE: The safe has been taken away.
(Hopefully, to take it to a place where they can crack that baby open and we can see what is inside!)

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