If you saw a porcupine in your backyard, what would you do? Thankfully one person in New York made a call to exactly the right people.

It isn't like a porcupine is the kind of animal you can bring inside and nurse back to help yourself. You could probably try but may get injured yourself in the process. So a call was made to the Department of Environmental Control and a hero for this cute little porcupine came in for the rescue.

Pictured above, you can see the care it takes just to pick up that spikey little lady. All that the officer who responded knew was there was a sick and injured porcupine in someone's backyard. When ECO Officer Eyler arrived, he noticed the animal was alive, but definitely was having a hard time getting mobile. Efforts were made and she was placed in what is called an animal rehabilitator according to the DEC. The prickly critter was then transported to the Trevor Zoo where she is currently being nursed back to health before she is let go back to her home, the wild.

While Environmental Conservation Officers like Officer Eyler do indeed chip in and save animals when needed. That isn't all they do. Just last week, in fact, ECO's had heard about some illegal fishing happening near Lake Ontario. DEC is wording it as the unlawful taking of fish during their spawning runs. The officers stepped in and handed out some tickets to the men who were breaking the law.

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