This is hilarious. I have a cat at home and I've tried to get him to go after fish on an iPad and he wants nothing to do with it. Maybe if I had a real tank he would care just a little. Check it out!
Dog Dilemma
It was posted on Facebook with the comment "I wish all humans would be like this amazing dog". However, commenters are saying the dog is actually trying to bury the fish and not save them by pushing water on them. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comme…
Look What Happens
Pike are quite an aggressive fish. So, we're going to give this guy the benefit of a doubt and hope he DIDN'T know that. They have teeth so never try to just rip it off if you do get bit, as hard as that will be to remember that when they latch onto your hand...
WNY's Best Trout Fishing
It's a slow start to our spring in Western New York. However, the start of the trout season will happen Wednesday April 1st again this year and The DEC has been busy stocking streams, ponds, creeks etc around New York State.
Guess How Big?
This is unbelievable, but this guy caught this massive fish this weekend and it is set to be a record.
The famous Po River, the longest river in Italy at more than 400 miles is where Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari caught the 280 pound big wels catfish...

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