If you've been up to Lake Ontario this year, you may have seen a bunch of dead fish on the shores.  Why are they there?

It seems like if you see a dead fish, you would naturally assume something was wrong with the fish.  If you see thousands of dead fish, most people would assume something was wrong with the water.

Lately there have been thousands of them on the shores of Lake Ontario, but the Department of Environmental Conservation is telling people not to worry.  It's completely natural.

According to WIVB, the fish are probably alewives or round goby.  They're non-native fish to Lake Ontario.  They're not used to the changing water temperatures here in the United States.  So when the waters change temperature, it shocks their system and unfortunately kills them.

It's something that the DEC predicted back in March.

Sure enough, it's happening now.

But they wanted to assure people, it's not a case of algae bloom or pollution.  It's simply nature. The fishing will be just fine if you choose to go out soon.

There will be a free fishing weekend coming up this month too!  Normally in New York State you need a license to fish, but for the weekend of June 26-27 this year you will be able to fish the fresh waters here without needing to have a license.

If you're looking for salmon, brown or lake trout, walleye, pike, bass, steelhead, or lots of other types of fish, people have been known to pull out some real trophies from Lake Ontario!

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