You ever just read a story and go "but, why?"

Here is one of them.

One guy had a bunch of living fish in a plastic bag that he was trying to smuggle over the border. Think about when you go to Petsmart and get a fish and they put it in the bag, that is what this looked like....but, bigger.

There were a bunch of fish hiding in bags in the wheel well of a car and a lot of them did not make it. One rare fish did: The Asian arowana.

In the Chinese culture the Asian arowana can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is the most expensive (and could be one of the biggest) aquarium fish ever. Why is it so expensive though? What is the catch? According to National Geographic:

It has large, metallic scales, like coins; whiskers that jut from its chin; and it undulates like the paper dragons you see in a Chinese New Year’s parade. That resemblance has spawned the belief that the fish brings good luck and prosperity, which is why it has become a highly sought-after aquarium fish.

In the wild the fish can get up to three feet long. One time, a single fish went up for $300,000.

After the fish was 'taken into custody' at the border, it needed a new home and what better place than the Aquarium of Niagara?

You can now see the fish during your visit in the to  new exhibit, called "Dangerous Beauties."

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