UPDATE: Erie County Clerk, Mickey Kearns tells us that there are around 1600 drivers who need to take their eye exam.

There is an important deadline for drivers in New York State. For those who have not submitted an approved vision test to the DMV, time is running out. There are some locations across New York State that will offer a test for you.

WNYPapers.com reports that:

...the NYS DMV is issuing this final warning: “If your license expired between 3/1/2020 – 8/31/2021 and you renewed online by self-certifying your vision, but have not submitted a vision test to the NYS DMV, your license will be suspended on 12/01/2023.”

In the Western New York area, you can get a vision test for the DMV at Tops locations.

Did you know Tops Pharmacists are now authorized to administer the Department of Motor Vehicles' Vision tests to you? Now you no longer have to visit the DMV offices and wait in line; you can get your vision tested and grocery shop in one easy trip!

The driving may get tricky as we get in to the last couple days of November. A winter storm may be headed to portions of New York State that could drop a bunch of snow. Now is the time to get the car ready and refresh those winter driving skills.

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