ARRRRRRGH! Did that teasing of upper 50s weather we had last week get to you? The poor li'l crocuses (croci?) peeking their bright tips above the earth asking, "Is it safe?" I WANT TO GARDEN! If you think yardening is kind of spiritual like I do...boy do I have good news for you!

Grassroots Gardens has been making my small West Side corner of the world more beautiful for years now. When all this world's craziness gets to me, all I can do is make my son's and my space better. THEN I found out, Grassroots Gardens is doing it all over Buffalo and Niagara Falls! How many streets and school corners have you seen vacant, strewn with old tires, broken bottles, and flat-out sadness? Well GG is changing all that. Help from City Hall folks who also want these green, nutritious spaces are helping as well. THEN I found out Melissa Fratello is the Executive Director of this little nonprofit that makes my heart and my neighborhood so happy. She and I did a lot of West Side good back in the day. How can we not when we have memories of our Nonnis running through their tall tomato plants and...wait, that might be The Godfather.

Got a block club and need to know how to get access to tools, seeds and resources?  Grassroots Gardens.

Melissa engaging Grass Roots troops!
Your block club can have a Grassroots Garden!

The kids in your neighborhood walking around eating only stuff from cellophane? Grassroots Gardens. Many schools are growing now!

Lafayette garden
Lovejoy garden

So I'm looking for something "green" to do this weekend, and WHOA, GG has a Container Gardening workshop this Saturday, March 10th! Gardening guru David Clark will be there. I looove container gardening as you myself the "Urban Farmer" in these here parts. Hey! We city folk know how to use our limited space! Ever been to our Garden Walk? It's America's biggest garden tour. (And has seriously increased the value of my home. But I digress...) A friend sent me this...and since I have no ego...enjoy:

My life!

For more info on this workshop go here: David Clark container workshop. And if you have a few extra bucks or want to volunteer, by all means, go to their website and learn more here: Grassroots Gardens. It will make your heart happy too.

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