Picture it: 1977...(I'm channeling Golden Girl's Sophia) Jim Roberts, Program Director and morning guy from WKWK in Wheeling, West Virginia & Bill Murdock, News Director, talk me into doing overnights. 2 turntables...waaaaaalls of vinyl LPs & 45s...TEAC Reel to Reels...Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" spinning and The Marshall Tucker Band on deck. $3.35 an hour and all the concert tickets and t-shirts I could eat.  I was hooked.





40 years later, I thought I was going to a MetroNetworks reunion. Years ago, pretty much any time you heard a traffic report and many newscasts on any radio station in Buffalo, and all the traffic reports on local tv news, they came from the 18th floor of the Statler Building which housed MetroNetworks. So I've worked with folks from media outlets all over Western New York. They decided to honor my 40 years in radio! You may remember Suzanne Colligan who did traffic reports for WYRK for years! In fact, my adorable country rockin' YRK sistah, Cheryl Hagen organized the whole thing at RiverWorks. She presented me with a poster with loads of radio memories entitled "Memories of a Day Like Today..." from my hometown boy, Brad Paisley's song "Today". And he's dead on... I don't know about tomorrow. But right now the world is right.

I can't stop smiling. The years melted away like ice cream on an August day. We were freakin' ADORABLE! Deeply grateful to my fellow MetroNetworks happy wanderers.