Over the last few years, murals have popped up all over Buffalo.  There's one in particular that highlights some of the incredible architecture in the queen city.

Aside from the people, one of the things that people comment on when they come to Buffalo is how incredible the architecture is.  From the Frank Lloyd Wright building to literally hundreds of other buildings, you could make a book out of how captivating some of the buildings are.

There are many murals now that not only highlight the architecture, but also the artistry here.  There's one that you may have overlooked for a couple years.  It's on Allen Street and Step out Buffalo shared a picture on their facebook page:

You'll find this at 172 Allen Street.  It's the home of HHL Architects.  You can clearly see some of Buffalo's most iconic buildings from City Hall to the Liberty Building.

One of the coolest things about this mural is that it's not even new.  According to Buffalo Rising, the original pencil drawing was done by an artist named Chris Guerra.  It was done in 1988!  The mural is actually a print that was done by VSP Marketing & Graphics.  It was unveiled a year ago and it's still turning heads today.

Have you ever noticed this mural?

I'm incredibly partial to the mural that is adjacent to the All Pro Parking Lot at the corner of Washington and Broadway near Lafayette Square that was recently completed.  Where do you think is the best mural in Buffalo?


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