Easter is a fun time of year for kids and adult alike. It means that warmer weather is on they way and it means that the Easter Bunny made a visit with delicious treats and activities. Growing up we had both Easter Baskets and Egg Hunts! I'm sure it's different in every family but there normally is one common theme and that is the chocolates and candy!

However, those can get a little out of hand, especially if you're picking and choosing out of your kids' baskets! To bring some depressing news into the mix, that won't just melt off and it turns out calories DO count on all holidays! Here's what you will need to do to work off each type of Easter Candy.

Easter Candy Workouts

  • 1 creme-filled chocolate egg has 150 calories  - Jump rope for 12 minutes to burn it off
  • 15 jelly beans have 160 calories - Bicycle for 25 minutes to burn it off
  • 1 peanut butter egg has 80 calories - Swim for 15 minutes to burn it off
  • 1 solid chocolate Easter bunny has 240 calories - Jog for 27 minutes to burn it off

This list might help you resist a little more when all that delicious sugar is sitting in front you this Sunday! Not saying you can't enjoy the holiday just make sure you don't end up owing an Ironman Triathlon to your body at the end of the day.

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