It's not something you see every day.  But after responding to a call to the Family Dollar on Abbott in Lackawanna, police are still looking for answers.

According to a post by The Southtowns Scanner, the employees that showed up to work yesterday at the Family Dollar on Abbott in Lackawanna were the first to find the store almost completely demolished.  The front windows were completely smashed through and some of the foundation bricks were even crushed and missing.

It wasn't until they checked security footage that they found a van that had done the damage.  It was driven through the front of the store.  A person then exited the vehicle and headed into the store.  When that person came back, they had the business' safe.  The person got back in with the safe and drove away.

Police are asking for the public's help.  If you know anything about the theft, they're asking you to contact the Lackawanna police department.

Obviously, the store will be closed until further notice.  It is going to require extensive repair before anyone will be able to go back in there.

A lot of people think, "who cares, it's a chain...they'll recover."  But they fail to remember that there are people there who could be out of work for a while now until the store is ready to re-open.  These aren't big corporations.  They're people with families, and bills to pay.

Hopefully, the person responsible will be found and life can get back to normal for these employees quickly.


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