If it's been a while since you've gotten your vehicle inspected in New York State, the sticker might look a little different when you get your vehicle back.

New Inspection Stickers Are Coming to New York State

A couple of months ago we told you that New York State auto inspection stickers were going to be looking different.  The DMV made the announcement that they were moving to new print-on-demand vehicle inspection certificates that would offer enhanced security as a lot of the vehicle information would be printed right on the sticker.

The new stickers will look like this:

attachment-New Inspection Sticker (New York State DMV)

They just announced that they're working very well and they're moving to the second round of the new stickers soon.

“This new process will enable inspection stations to print stickers right on their premises, rather than having to wait for a supply of stickers to arrive from DMV. This change is part of our efforts to transform the DMV’s customer service. The stickers will also enhance security by having information about the vehicle printed directly on them.” - DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder

They began rolling out the new stickers a couple of months ago and have already conducted over 100,000 inspections that involved the new design.  The stickers will change color every year.

You do not have to change your sticker right away

Some people got upset when they found out that this change would be happening because they assumed they would have to get their inspection redone right away.  That isn't the case.  This process is going to take a number of months to convert everyone to the new stickers.  The DMV says you could see the old stickers through 2024.

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