This past summer, Western New York was buzzing about the arrival of John Krasinski with the filming of "A Quiet Place 2."  Is it possible an even bigger star is coming this summer?

We've all known how incredible the landscape and scenery of Western New York is for years.  But it seems as though Hollywood is catching on now too.

Last summer, John Krasinski was making his rounds from Alden and Akron to Orchard Park, and everywhere in between to film his latest movie, "A Quiet Place 2."

This summer, it's looking like the possibility of Oscar winning director Guillermo Del Toro bringing Bradley Cooper to Western New York is very real.

According to WIVB, there was a logistics problem with the equipment before and it looked as though this location might fizzle for them.  But now, that problem has been cleared and they might be here next summer.

WIVB writes, "According to trade reports, del Toro is set to begin filming in Toronto in early 2020, then make the trip here for some scenes, along with Cooper."



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