Travel & Leisure magazine recently had an article that ranked cities across the country on all kinds of categories.  Buffalo should be proud of where they ranked on this one.

It's not uncommon for travel magazines to rank cities on things.  When people are traveling there, they want to know what they're going to stumble upon.  If a city has the best pizza in the country, they're going to want to try it.  If they have the best night life, chances are the traveler isn't going to visit that city just to hit the hay at 7:30pm.

According to a recent article in Travel & Leisure magazine, if you're looking to get away from mean people, you go to Buffalo, NY.

Yes...Buffalo.  We were ranked the friendliest city in the country according to Travel & Leisure.

We aren't called the "City of Good Neighbors" for nothing.  We scored the high rank based on our manners, politeness, hospitality towards tourism, neighborly love and warm dispositions.

The best part about this survey is that it wasn't an editor or a random contributor that gave us that high rank.  This survey came from the readers themselves who were dishing on their own hometowns.

Our weather might get cold.  But our hearts are warm.

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