If you had to guess which type of candy was more popular for Halloween, what would you guess?  Chocolate?  Or Non-Chocolate?

If you took a guess, chances are, you were right.

According to Zippia.com, it's split right down the middle by state.  Twenty-five states claim chocolate candy as their favorite.  Twenty-five of them claims non-chocolate candy as their favorite.

So where do we fall?

In New York, we are a chocolate state.  Evidently the most popular candy for Halloween in New York is a Nestle Crunch Bar.


Really?  So how did they determine that?  I don't know that I've ever had someone say that they really want needed to have a Crunch Bar, like...NOW!  Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, yup...I'd get that.  Snickers?  Sure  I'm with you.  A Crunch Bar?

Don't get me wrong.  I think they're good...but a FAVORITE?

The study was done using Google trends entirely.  They excluded gum and fruit snacks and stuff like that because, well, those things aren't candy.  I agree with them.  Don't try to pass them off as Halloween Candy if you pass those things out this year.  No one is going to believe it.

Some of the interesting stuff:

If you absolutely insist on going non-chocolate, Starburst is the favorite non-chocolate candy in 6 states.  That would be a good bet.

If you've ever wondered who in the world likes Circus Peanuts, it's people in New Hampshire.

Iowa has a lot of candy lovers there.  They claim that aside from Starburst, they love Jolly Ranchers, MMs, and Twix...but then...who doesn't?

What it all comes down to is that you can't really go wrong as long as you're giving out candy when trick or treaters come along.  We never see trick or treaters at our house...so we just get what we like.  I mean, you have to have SOMETHING for them if they come, right?


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