The current state of the world is pretty scary in many ways. From wars over seas to the crime and identity theft here at home, there are dozens of things that make parents worry. However, there are some who say that keeping kids off certain social media sites may help.

How much screen time do you allow your kids to have? In many homes, families use a reward system. The more homework or household chores a kid helps with, the more screen time they can get.

But when your kid goes online, do you limit what they can see? The newer gadgets like iPads have settings that can limit what kids can see or at what times of day they can see them. Now there are government officials who want to step in.

According to reports, a new piece of legislation was announced this week that'll regulate kids' unhealthy social media usage. Another measure will ban platforms from collecting and sharing the personal data of minors.

In a post on X, New York's Attorney General announced the move.

Social media platforms are fueling a youth mental health crisis, and we need to do more to protect kids online.

Recent studies have shown that social media can cause devastating mental health effects on our children, including increased rates of depression, anxiety, and self-harm.

97% of teens are online, and 66% of them say they regularly see hate-based content.

We have four kids and our two oldest (7 and 5) use tablets after school. We try to monitor what they watch and every now and again we hear something pop up that is not age appropriate. As good as the filters are on the machine, we still are cautious.

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