From Buffalo to Albany, people in New York State are getting the spring yard work done and enjoying the nice weather! In just a few days, a major law in New York State will end but there are some things to remember.

The warmer and longer days are here, for now, and it in between a round of showers mowing the lawn and picking up debris in the yard has been a routine for most property and homeowners. Many choose to burn these items and are counting the days until they can get it done.

The weather is ideal for outdoor work here in New York State this week and there is a law that landowners and homeowners need to keep in mind.

In just a few days, the annual burn ban will be lifted! However, a deadline is looming here in New York State.

Here in New York State, in an effort to protect precious forests, woodlands and local residences, there is an annual burn ban that is in place.

Annual burn ban is in effect from March 16 through May 14.

The New York State DEC reminds everyone that although burning is a quick and efficient way to get rid of downed sticks, limbs and debris...

When you plan a fire, always check for fire danger in your area on DEC's online map (updated every week). Also, local governments may have stricter rules than NYS; your fire department will have information about local burning laws.

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The weather is about to get colder and, for some, stay rather dry. Be smart and be safe and remember that March 16th will be here soon.

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