It's probably the worst free-agent signing in the history of the Buffalo Sabres and might be one of the worst in NHL history.  Ville Leino played three seasons for the Sabres and became one of the fans' most despised players.  He signed a six-year, $27-million contract and promptly did next to nothing. 

During the 2013-14 season Leino failed to score a single goal in 58 games as he went thru the motions.  And for his "services" the Sabres are still paying him $1.2-million for the next three seasons.

Since he was last with the Sabres, Leino has been playing in Sweden and has also opened his own fashion company and on Tuesday he released a stupid hooded sweatshirt he calls "Jail" recalling his final year in Buffalo.

He wrote on his Instagram page about what he calls his "jail" season in Buffalo.  "Things weren't working with me and the team. I was getting a lot of pressure and heat and there was no way out of it. I felt trapped and down. All I could do was get up every morning and go to work and try to make it work. This painting reflects those feelings that I was going through."

Reaction to his work of "art" has been swift and brutal.

  • spikerrich 4 mil. a year for a total of 10 goals over 3 seasons for the Sabres, you're a joke bud.
  • anthonybialy Speaking of jail, the Sabres were locked into paying a slacker millions to not score.
  • ryandenzz My god what a baby. You made millions dude, and you're calling it jail cuz you couldn't handle the pressure?
  • cm_4syth Hilarious. Dude you were awful!!!! Way to take no responsibility. You got paid millions of dollars to play hockey for a living and you say you were in jail?!??
  • cfaltisco14 So it's the team's fault you had no goals? How does that work? You sucked, that's your fault, not the teams. You're soft, probably why you didn't make it in the show.
  • sabsfan16 Maybe you can pay me back for the season tickets I bought that year in Buffalo. 1.2 mil a year through 2019-20 to sit at home and make &%@$ sweatshirts. Something tells me you will have plenty left over.

And those are just some of the ones that are clean enough to put on this radio station's website.  In 137 games with the Sabres, Leino finished with a total of 10 goals and 36 assists.  It was a pathetic era in Sabres history and he was a big part of it.


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