Last night, while watching TV, I noticed the 1st X-mas commercial of the season.  It was an ad for Pringles....and it made me say...Hey!!  What about Thanksgiving?  Then I thought to myself.....It happens every year...Why the concern now?

It's no secret....Thanksgiving hasn't had a fair shake since..... the days of the pilgrims.  Think of it like this.....Thanksgiving is the opening comedy act for the fan favorite Xmas.  Thanksgiving is the musical opener at a concert that is playing while you are still pounding cans in the parking lot.


In a study/poll conducted by called "Respect The Bird".....More than 80% of people polled feel that Thanksgiving is overlooked because of X-mas marketing in late October.

More than 40% of the people polled are annoyed by early X-mas ads featuring special/sale prices......(Buying now may be the best idea for some, but if you buy now and the recipient doesn't like the gift....chances are your return policy has expired....30 day limit on most...Right?)




What do you think? Does X-Mas overshadow Thanksgiving?  Does your family celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas equally?



*info gathered on Metrosource prep provider*

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