Whenever perusing through a home that you like the looks of, the bathroom is always one of the first rooms you're interested in. It makes sense, it's where a lot of time is spent, along with the kitchen and bedrooms.

Dream bathrooms might have a lot of space or perfect material to make up the shower and sink. Few bathrooms are as extravagant as this one in a home in Buffalo.

Listed on Zillow for $1.5 million, this stunning home for sale is located on Harbridge Manor in Buffalo.

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It features four bedrooms and four bathrooms with nearly 5,000-square-feet in total space. The living area is big enough to accommodate any party and the kitchen has a huge island, which is perfect for any meal prep.

The main bathroom is amazing. It's huge but also luxurious. Multiple shower heads, an entrance  and exit doorway, giant sink and even TV's. There's also a makeup chair.

Safe to say that this dream home is exactly that for most people -- a dream. It never hurts to take a look, though.

Check out some photos, courtesy of Zillow.

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