I can honestly say I have never had this food item before...and I wouldn't really even know where to get one. According to Delish the falafel is the most-searched food in the state of New York.

So what is a falafel and why are New Yorkers looking it up so much?  According to Wikipedia, a falafel is "a deep-fried ball, doughnut or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both." It's a middle eastern food that is typically served in pitas or some sort of of wrap.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet
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So why are New Yorker's looking this item up? One would probably guess that New York City plays a pretty big role in the data. The diverse and populous city often throws off counts for a lot of things, but maybe people are just interested in making some fresh falafels at home too?!

I did do some research and here are just a few place in Buffalo that you can grab some falafels. According to the FourSquare app here are the...

Top Five Places for Falafels in Buffalo

Amy's Place
3234 Main St (at Merrimac St), Buffalo, NY

Shish Kabab Express
1207 Hertel Ave (Lovering Ave), Buffalo, NY

Rachel's Mediterranean
235 Delaware Ave (at W Chippewa St), Buffalo, NY

Sue's NY Deli
622 Main St, Buffalo, NY

Vasilis Express
1066 Elmwood Ave (at Bird Ave), Buffalo, NY

So there you go! If you're one of the many New Yorker's who like looking up falafels I have saved you some trouble and given you five great places to try!

This leads me to my next question. If this was only about WNY, what do you think the most-searched food item would be?

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