This scheme will just make you want to take a shower. It’s a way to get around the rules, and it’s happening at Disney World. It’ll make you mad because most people can't afford it.

The idea is, you hire a disabled guide that puts you at the front of the line of every attraction. Except these guides aren’t employed by Disney. And you won’t find a contact number online or in the phone book.

The number is passed around among the Manhattan elite, who'll think nothing of shelling out $130 an hour -- or just over $1,000 for an eight-hour day -- to hire somebody to pose as a disabled family member so that your family can avoid the two-hour waiting line for some of the attractions at Disney World.

So you hire the so-called tour guide, and they come to the park in a wheelchair or scooter marked “handicapped” on it, and the policy at Disney is if you're handicapped, you can bring up to six guests with you to a “more convenient entrance.” That means all the way to the front of the line!

And for the people who can afford it, it’s worthwhile. It’s a lot cheaper than the VIP guide and Fast Passes that Disney already offers. If you go through Disney, it costs in the $350 range per hour.

So how do you get one of these “black-market tour guides”? You have to know somebody.

So there’s two ways to look at this. First you could say you're hiring the handicapped and paying them well. On the other hand, you're using the handicapped privilege in a way it wasn't intended.

Source: New York Post

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