The Toronto Blue Jays seem to be enjoying things at their second and temporary home at Sahlen Field in Buffalo.

On Wednesday, Blue Jays beat the Marlins 6-5 in downtown Buffalo. This was a back to back win for the Toronto/Buffalo Blue Jays.

Our oldest son, Hank, just started his first season of T-Ball this spring and one of the first things we have taught him is to get the glove on the ground and get your body squared up in front of the ball as it comes to you.Clearly this was a moment that the Marlins right fielder would like to have back. What could have been a simple play and held Guerrero to a single at best was a certainly an error.

The Blue Jays buzz is hot in Buffalo and Western New York and there will be a second round of ticket sales for hopeful fans starting Thursday, June 10th. It is going to be an exciting summer at the newly-renovated Sahlen Field and the fans have plenty to be excited for and to look forward to after a year of watching from home.

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