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The 2nd Amendment guarantees you the right to bear arms. It does not, however, guarantee the ammunition you put in those arms is American made. Amazingly, ammunition might say Made in the U.S.A. on the box, but is often comprised of different parts from countries such as Russia and China and then merely assembled here.

Keeping jobs in this country requires that we understand what we are buying. The number one question we should ask is: Is it 100% American Made? That’s where our friends at the Made in America store are helpful. With hunting season here, Made in America makes it easy to find ammo and other supplies that are 100% domestic, no foreign jobs involved.

Made in America, online at saveourcountryfirst.com, currently has 100% American-made Remington/UMC ammo available at their store in Elma, New York. These include

- Sabot slugs & smooth bore slugs (20 Gauge & 12 Gauge)
- Premium STS Target Loads
- Gun Club Target Loads
- Ultimate Home Defense Shot Shell Loads
- Sportsman Hi-Speed Steel Loads (Duck/Goose)
- Game Loads (12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, .410)
- Centerfire Rifle Cartridges (Most calibers)
- Centerfire Pistol/Revolver Cartridges
- 22 Caliber RimFire

Made in America has plenty of other 100% American made hunting related supplies at saveourcountryfirst.com and at their store at 900 Maple Road in Elma, New York.

Remember, if every one of us spent an additional $3.33 on American made goods, we’d create 10,000 jobs. It’s that easy.