Some of us have been holding on to the white and blue NY license plate we've had for years.  But according to State Police, if it's unreadable, it could cost you.

Time and weather will take a toll on just about everything, including the license plate on your car.  Most often the paint on the plate will peel off and make it difficult to read.

The NY State Police have issued a warning that if your plate is peeling, it's time to get it replaced with the new yellow and blue ones.

Many people just don't want to pay the money for the new plates.  However, according to an article on, it might not even cost you anything.  The DMV will replace any license plates which show delamination or "peeling" for free.

I'm just not a fan of the new yellow and blue plates.  However, I really don't like having to pay fines.

You can request a new set of plates at a DMV office or by contacting the Custom Plates Unit at 518-402-4838. A photograph of the peeling plate may be needed.

If you want to keep the same license plate number however, an extra fee of $20 will be charged.

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