It's been almost 48 hours since the Buffalo Bills brutal loss to the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium.

The Bills dealt with 15 injuries or players suffering from heat exhaustion in total, while battling the intense conditions in the stadium and still should have won the game. They outgained Miami 497 yards to 212 and had the ball for 40 of the 60 minutes.

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Wide receiver Gabriel Davis dropped a touchdown pass when it was knocked out of his hands at the last moment, linebacker Matt Milano dropped a surefire interception for a touchdown, Tyler Bass missed a makeable field goal and Josh Allen one-hopped a pass to an open Isaiah McKenzie on 4th and goal.

The last play of the game is what many Bills fans are still stuck on.

Buffalo had the ball on their own 47-yard line with 18 seconds left on 2nd down and no timeouts. Allen was flushed up in the pocket and he threw the ball to McKenzie on the opposite hashmark in the middle of the field.

McKenzie knew he had to get out of bounds but after darting for the sideline, he cut up field and then tried to hand the ball back to the official. The Bills ultimately ran out of time.

McKenzie was with Ryan Dunne of Go Long Dot Com for their weekly show at Mister's in East Aurora.

Dunne asked McKenzie about the sequence of that final play and McKenzie explained that he tried to make it to the sideline but realized cornerback Xavien Howard had the angle and would beat him there, so he tried to cut up and still get out of bounds.

McKenzie knew that he couldn't go backward out of bounds, because by rule, the clock would not stop. He made a decision to try and get more yards and still see if there was a way to get out of bounds.

McKenzie also implied that the official did not act in a timely manner getting the ball back in position to spike it.

It was clear McKenzie was gassed and he mentioned that in his response to Dunne as well. He was looked at by trainers once the game ended and left earlier in the game due to cramping.

McKenzie was not at fault at all for that last play. It does appear that Howard had the angle on his in the replay and that was a tough position for him to be put in, factoring in where he caught the ball and where he had to run.

Tyler Dunne's weekly show with him is excellent by the way, so make sure you check that out.

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