The Buffalo Bills have such a fun team right now. Not just because of how they play on the field (although, that's a good reason), but how they act off the field as well.

There are so many fun characters on the roster and Josh Allen is definitely one of them.

Josh Allen just "gets it." It's not enough in his mind to just play great and leave it there; he makes sure to answer every media question and do it in a fun matter. He also takes as much time out as possible for fans, especially kids. He understands that he is not just an NFL quarterback, but a public figure.

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Allen had another all-time quote after practice on Thursday.

Josh was talking about wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie. He called McKenzie, "a little muscle hamster." From Alaina Getzenberg of ESPN.

I don't believe I have ever heard that phrase in my entire life, but oh what an amazing phrase to use for someone like McKenzie, who is small but fast and also strong for his size -- I guess he really is like a muscle hamster.

If you have paid attention to the Bills Twitter and Instagram accounts over the last two years, you likely know the team and teammates make fun of McKenzie's size, but it's all in good fun. McKenzie is also one of the funniest guys on the team, if not, the funniest player on the roster.

I wonder what McKenzie will call Allen next time he speaks to the media?

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