Wegmans is a way of life for many people in Buffalo and Western New York. We really are fortunate to have such a great selection of grocery stores in the region with Wegmans and Tops. It's not like that for other parts of the country.

However, Wegmans has had great success with their popular hot food bars in the past, but because of the pandemic, they stopped offering them. You might have hoped once we slowly get back to normal that the hot food bars would be brought back, but that might not be happening.

According to WIVB, Wegmans currently has no plans to bring back its hot food bars.

New York State health guidance does not allow self-serve buffets but does allow staff-serve buffets because there is no contact with customers.

In a statement, Wegmans in part said:

"We continue to follow the NYSDOH guidelines, and currently, we do not have plans to bring the self-serve bars back in their traditional way. However, through Wegmans Meals 2Go, customers can order the same restaurant meals for curbside pick-up or delivery. We will continue experimenting new ways to deliver restaurant-style food to our customers.”

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It's a shame that the hot food bars look like a thing of the past since I saw just how busy they were before the pandemic. People loved using it for lunch and now all of those foods need to be purchased in a pre-packaged form.

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