Summer vacation is upon us, and if it wasn't 2020, that might mean a trip to Disney World, or a week of camping.

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But in a world where school's been cancelled for months, offices are empty, airlines are practically giving away flights, and taking a vacation means working around quarantine orders and travel bans, it's safe to say there's nothing usual about Summer 2020.

And so our vacation destinations are apparently reflecting that uh, unique place we're all in at the moment.

Trending on Twitter today, is a hotel that's made from the stuff of nightmares. Thrillist put out a profile and review of the property, describing the guest experience like this:

"When asked about which rooms at the Clown Motel are especially haunted, Anand rattles off a list that seems to include just about all of them. Overnight guests experience especially strange incidents in rooms 108, 109, 210, 215, and 217. Bathroom doors open and close, voices whisper after dark. In one case, a group of four women reported a ghost in the bathroom who actually offered to fix the toilet."

Dubbed "America's Scariest Motel," you would think the Clown Motel in Tonopeh, Nevada probably isn't making many travelers' must-do lists anytime soon -- however, hundreds of people from all over the world come to stay at this funhouse horror show every year.

Guests likely to be locals this year, but if you find yourself in Tonopeh and you're feeling's what it looks like inside.

Situated next to an equally creepy cemetery, the Clown Motel boasts an obvious clown theme, with the front office and rooms decorated with clowns -- ranging from a full size clown to portraits of Bozo in the rooms.


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