Shawne Merriman was once at the top of his game in San Diego.  He was a first round draft pick that was chosen 12th overall by the San Diego Chargers in the 2005 draft.  However, after being suspended in 2006 for violating the NFL's steriod policy, his career has been in a constant downward spiral.


He eventually decided to have the surgery to reconstruct his knee however his production has gone down each year.  In 2010, the Chargers decided to waive Merriman from their roster.  The Bills picked him up the next day.  However, he's proven to be just as unproductive here.

Since 2007, he's only been in uniform for 23 games.  That's a lot of downtime to pay a player for.  Even with as talented as he is, you can't blame the Bills for their decision.  Today, the Buffalo Bills have also released Merriman.