Just a few days after New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the Kensington Expressway Project received significant regulatory approval from the Federal Highway Administration, officials from the New York State Department of Transportation have released a digital rendering video showing what the completed highway tunnel conversion is expected to look like.

The video, which has a runtime of just over 4 minutes in length, shows multiple angles and elevations of the new parkway, the tunnel, roundabouts, and green spaces.

New York State Department of Transportation
New York State Department of Transportation

This video is one of the first video aids of what the surrounding neighborhood will look like when the $1 billion construction project is complete.

What Is The Kensington Expressway Project?

The New York State Department of Transportation, with the support of the Federal Highway Administration, has a plan to reconstruct a section of New York State Route 33, which runs through the city of Buffalo; the stretch of route in question is colloquially known as the Kensington Expressway.

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The original Kensington Expressway was built in 1958, and the Kensington Expressway project would cost taxpayers around $1 billion to build. It reconstructs a 3/4 mile section of the highway into a six-lane tunnel between Dodge Street and Sidney Street. It also creates a 90-foot-wide, tree-lined median on top of the tunnel, which would provide around 11 acres of new publicly accessible green space.

Watch The Kensington Project Rendering Video

You can watch the full video here on the WIVB-TV website.

If everything goes according to the current timeline, officials hope to start construction later this year, in 2024, with the entire project completed by 2028.

Kensington Expressway Project Concepts Images

Images courtesy of the New York State Department of Transportation

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

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