Snovember has arrived with a bang and considering that we have tons of snow to deal with now, it might make sense to make sure we're using the proper technique to get that snow off the ground.

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Following sound tips when shoveling snow can go a long way to help you stay safe and healthy when you're outside moving all of that crystallized moisture.

I know I have hurt myself trying to shovel snow on more than one occasion and, maybe if I had these tips, I wouldn't have been in so much pain afterward.

So what can we do to help make sure we can survive shoveling all the snow we get in Buffalo and Western New Your?

March Snowstorm Hits Washington DC Area
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Don't Shovel Right After Eating

Like going swimming after eating, you don't want to shovel snow right after a meal. Your body may need some time to digest your food, and that energy exertion may cause a cramp.

Huge Snow Storm Slams Into Mid Atlantic States
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Try To Push The Snow Instead Of Lifting It

Snow can be pretty heavy, and if you're like most people, lifting heavy things isn't your strong suit. Pushing the snow out of the way may help you move more snow out of the way.

Blizzard Conditions Descend On Twin Cities, Sending Temperatures Plummeting
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If You Do Lift, Use Your Legs and Not Your Back

We've all heard this phrase for years, use your legs and not your back. There's a lot of truth in that, using your back to lift heavy snow will do a lot of damage to the muscles in your lower back and we don't want you to be out here looking like Quasimodo.

Midwest Hammered By Second Major Snowstorm
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Work In Short Spurts

Since shoveling can be pretty strenuous, it's important to pace yourself and to take your time. So, don't try to shovel all 77 inches of snow at the same time, take a few breaks and that will help you power through.

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