The last few months in Western New York have been filled with all sorts of confusion as it appeared that the United States Postal Service had been moving forward with plans to close the Buffalo Mail Processing and Distribution Center located at the Main Buffalo Post Office on William Street. The plan, as it was being floated by the USPS, was to move mail processing to Rochester as part of a nationwide regionalism plan.

Those plans raised a lot of eyebrows all over New York as that would leave the 2nd largest city in the Empire State without the ability to have its mail processed in the area.

There was a huge outcry from all over the region about the negative ramifications that would happen in Western New York if the Buffalo MPDC was closed. From community members to federal representatives, the message to the Postal Service was universally the same: do not close the Buffalo facility.

Now, according to WGRZ-TV, it appears the powers at the United States Postal Service have heard us and announced that the Buffalo facility will remain open.

There will be no changes at the Buffalo facility as part of this MPFR process. Business mail entry, Post Office, station, branch retail services and delivery services will remain unchanged.
-United States Postal Service

Senator Chuck Schumer from New York, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, announced the change in heart from the Postal Service.

This, of course, is welcome news for many all around Western New York. The Buffalo facility has now survived the federal chopping block for the 2nd time in 15 years.

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