If you're looking to buy a classic car, you'll be able to visit one big showroom.

People love owning a piece of the past. Antiques, sports collectibles, art, and other classic items tell a story while giving you a nice moment of nostalgia. Classic cars can especially give you these 2 things. Who doesn't remember their first car? Or, dream of owning a specific car when they were younger?

One of the main issues with buying a classic car can be where to do it. Facebook Marketplace and other online markets are great for browsing, but they don't have the power of a dealership behind it. You're buying from an individual hoping they are selling you what they say they are selling. It can be a tricky, and sometimes dangerous, thing to do for buying classic cars.

Joe Basil Classic Cars Open in Western New York

That's where Joe Basil Chevrolet comes in. They have opened Basil Classic Cars: a dealership only for buying classic cars. Their grand opening is happening now through Sunday at a brand-new facility located at 5071 Transit Road in Depew. You can visit them online here: https://www.basilclassiccars.com/

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There are several advantages this gives classic car buyers. First of all, it's a one-stop shop. You can shop a lot of classic cars without bouncing around to other places. It also lets you physically see the car in person without having to set up an awkward meeting online with a random person. These cars are described as being in mint condition. Seeing they are sold through a dealership you can assume they have been looked over, fixed where needed, and cleaned: things you can't always trust from a random seller.  It also gives you an easier way in. I'm no gearhead and don't have the time nor knowledge to restore, work on, or fix a classic car. I like them, though, and would love to have one. This allows the more casual fan to participate.

Vehicles start at $9,999 and you can get financing as well.

As part of their grand opening event this weekend, they will be raffling off a classic Chevy Corvette, with all proceeds benefitting The Veteran One-Stop Center of WNY.

Hours are Friday (10am-5pm), Saturday (10am-5pm), and Sunday (10am-3pm).

Get more info here: https://www.basilclassiccars.com/

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