District Attorney Sandra Doorley apologized for her behavior toward a police officer during a heated traffic stop.

The entire incident was recorded on a Webster Police Officer's body camera.

Doorley was driving home at around 5:30 pm last Friday when she was clocked by a Webster, NY police officer driving, allegedly, 55 MPH in a 35 MPH Zone. According to several reports rather than pull over on the side of the road, Doorley drove home and pulled into her garage. This is seen in the body cam footage. The officer pulled into her driveway to confront her. She is seen ignoring his orders while also becoming combative. At one point she walks away from him into her home. She called the officer's supervisor as well and stated that in the video.

"I am THE DA in Monroe County," she said to the officer when showed him her badge.

"If you give me a traffic ticket that's fine," she said. "I'm the one who prosecutes it."

Doorley continued, "Ya know what I've been dealing with all day? 3 murders in the city and do you think I really care if I was going 20 miles over the speed limit?"

Watch the entire video:

Doorley, who has been the Monroe County District Attorney since 2012, has received a massive amount of backlash for her treatment of the officer and her overall behavior.  She issued an apology today, while also deleting her X account.

Doorley is the first woman to hold the position of Monroe County District Attorney.

More on Doorley from the Monroe Country DA's Office:

Sandra Doorley is recognized as a leader in the prosecution of cold cases using DNA evidence and has successfully obtained indictments and convictions in such cases, including the 1976 murder of a young girl in Rochester and the conviction of a serial sex offender for murder and sexual assault.

Being a District Attorney, let alone a prosecutor, is a difficult job. It also can take a major emotional toll as people in these positions see all of the evidence from every kind of crime, no matter how gruesome it may be.

Does this excuse her behavior? Many say no. What about you?

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