Millions of people all around the world was just mesmerized by a astronomical phenomenon that doesn't happen all that often. The total solar eclipse that took a southwestern to northeastern path across North America has come and gone, and in its wake has left all sorts of people.

I like lots of people all over the continent was totally taken back by the sure impact of the eclipse as it passed over Western New York. To watch Buffalo from into near total darkness for 4 whole minutes had me awestruck. Now just like many other people, I am way more interested in science and how eclipse impact our planet.

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While the solar eclipses happen around every twelve years, the next one that will hit North America isn't set to happen until August 22, 2044. But, you and I don't need to way 20 years to experience another eclipse in general.

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According to the National Weather Service, while solar eclipses happen every decade or so, lunar eclipses happen much more often - sometimes as often as twice per year. The next lunar eclipse that'll be visible in our region will be hitting the Rochester area in 2025.

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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is predicting the next lunar eclipse to happen on Friday, March 14, 2025 and should be fully visible in Rochester as the center line is set to roll right over Monroe County. Starting around 2 am EDT, the eclipse should last just about 4 hours in total, with more than a hour of totality.

Blood Moon Eclipse Seen Across American Night Skies
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