A senior dog sanctuary is set to get a permanent home in Western New York after it was granted a special use permit last week.

White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary is a non-profit that helps senior dogs live out the rest of their days in a comfortable environment.

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According to their website, White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary is a non-profit where senior dogs can go to be comfortable and interact with other dogs and humans.

provide senior dogs a home-like setting in which to live where they can interact with other dogs and humans as well. It will not just be a haven for these older dogs, but one that will benefit people through interactions with them. The funding we will continually obtain will enable us to target specific groups that will benefit from these interactions – children, seniors, those who are disabled, etc. - and provide a cultural element to the sanctuary involving educational programs, music and art.

The special use permit was granted by the Town Board in Alden and now White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary will look to build a permanent home for senior dogs by the end of 2023.

According to WGRZ, the group has already raised over $400,000 dollars for the project but is looking at raising another $200 to $300,000 to make the plan feasible.

They will be holding fundraisers during the New Year as well as accepting donations throughout the year as well.

If you want to donate, you can get all the information HERE.

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