The Buffalo Bills have been busy making off season personnel and player moves. The crews that are doing the construction of the new Highmark Stadium have been equally busy and things are progressing well.

The weather this weekend is calling for significant snowfall and high winds. However, the weather recently has been very warm and great conditions for those who are outdoors putting the pieces together.

This past week, on the popular Pat McAfee show the crew was discussing the renderings and videos of the stadium and the large Buffalo that will be on display. The new stadium is set to have a group of bison (buffaloes) that are expected to be 16 feet high! On his show on Wednesday, Pat McAfee and his cast shared a few thoughts and laughs about the statues and the Bills Mafia.

McAfee said, regarding the bison, "I like the size, but I am always a fan of doing it bigger"

The cast went on to say that they "can't wait to see these big ass bison"!

The discussion took place in the second half of the second hour of Wednesday's show.

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