There have been many rumors about the Bills and star wide receiver Stefon Diggs parting ways. It’s not going to happen. 

Once again, the blog and podcast world exploded after Stefon Diggs tweeted. It’s a common theme: Diggs tweets, people overreacted. 

This led to trade rumors beginning, yet again, about Diggs. 

Where The Diggs Rumors Began

The rumors about Diggs being unhappy in Buffalo began after the Buffalo Bills lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL playoffs in 2023. Diggs was frustrated that the Bills got, well, beat. The offense did not perform well. He got frustrated and threw up his arms at QB Josh Allen. 

Since then, the rumors of Diggs wanting out of Buffalo have been swirling. He has denied it many, many times. Everything seemed good going into last season, and then Stef’s brother, Trevon Diggs who plays for Dallas, tweeted this in the middle of the season after a Bills’ loss. 

That reignited the rumors that Stefon was unhappy. He, again, denied it and said his brother’s thoughts were his own. 

Then the Bills lost to the Chiefs in the Playoffs. Diggs whiffed on a potentially game-winning play that brought a lot of criticism toward him. He also had a huge falloff in production in the second half of the season. There were more tweets, which brought more rumors, which then died down again. However, he tweeted this while the Bills began dropping several players from their roster at the start of NFL Free Agency. 

This ignited several rumors, including many speculating that Dallas wants to trade for him. 

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The Buffalo Bills Are Not Trading Stefon Diggs

Let’s make something very clear: anyone claiming the Bills are going to trade Diggs is looking for clicks. There is, absolutely, 100%, no way the Buffalo Bills will trade Stefon Diggs ANYWHERE this year. Zero. Nadda. End of discussion. Here's why:

According to Sportrac, who are very good at these types of things, if the Bills release OR TRADE him, they would be dealt an over $27 MILLION dead cap hit THIS YEAR. 

I know not everyone understands salary caps, dead cap, and things like that. I get it. I’m not an expert, either. But the experts have made it clear, so let me *try* to explain this in the simplest way possible for those who have no idea how any of this works. If you do, please bear with me because the reality is most people don’t, and that’s honestly OK. 

What Happens if the Bills Trade or Release Stefon Diggs?

If the Bills trade or release Stefon Diggs, no matter what they will be penalized for it. The NFL will not allow the Bills to spend (at least) over $27 million on any other player this year. Why does that matter? There is a salary cap. In other words, an amount of money teams spend on players every year that they can NOT go over. That number for this season is $255,400,000 per team. All of the salaries the Bills pay their players (well, the top 51 salaries) go toward this number. So, for example, Josh Allen counts $30,356,281 against the total salary cap this season (never mind the restructuring, Bills fans in the know). 

$27 Million+ dollars is A LOT of money to not be able to spend. It’s, in fact, too much money and too large of a penalty to take. 

The Bills currently have over $7.5 Million in cap space according to Sportrac (some have them at more than this but we'll stick to Sportrac for now). They need to spend that on draft picks. They can do several things to get more money available to spend, but they can not get $27 million to get another receiver as good as Diggs.

No, the players here right now are not as good as Diggs. No, there isn’t another receiver that would take a giant pay cut to replace him. Yes, the Bills can draft a receiver (and should BTW) but rookies rarely are good right away. 

These rumors are adorable. Dallas fans want their team to do it, but they don’t understand the salary cap issues. Even IF Stefon wanted it to happen there is virtually NO WAY it’s happening. The Bills would rather have an unhappy receiver who might play versus a $27 million+ dead cap hit. That kind of money would severely hurt their ability to win this season. 

Seriously, There’s No Chance?

Sure, there’s always a possibility of anything, really. The Bills could decide to tank the season and take the $27 million+ hit.

By all indications, they are not doing that. Some think they are because they released a lot of well-known players, but they forget those players have passed their primes and just aren’t as good as they used to be. OR those players weren’t worth the money they got from other teams. In other words, releasing the players they did and not resigning others is just business in the NFL. It doesn't mean they are "tanking" it means they are figuring it all out.

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The big factor: the Bills have Josh Allen, and no matter what anyone thinks of him it means the Bills ALWAYS have a chance. Just like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson: their teams always have a chance. Great quarterbacks give you that and thus make it so you’re never tanking a season because that would absolutely waste your time with the QB.

So, no. Not really. There’s NO chance the Bills trade or release Stefon Diggs this season.

Next year? Maybe. Different cap hits and different situations.  

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