Retired New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman joined former Bills, Eagles, and Chiefs running back LeSean McCoy and spilled some gossip.

Is this news? No. It's offseason gossip. For those interested in that, let's dive in.

The conversation happened on a podcast posted by Firepacksports on TikTok between the two NFL legends. What got them into this conversation is unclear. We know Shady McCoy is a defender of Josh Allen.

In the conversation, Edelman allegedly claims that a receiver who played with Allen and was on the Giants claims Daniel Jones is more accurate than Josh Allen. McCoy was quick to point out to Edelman that the person saying that essentially doesn't know what they are talking about. Edleman stressed that the person was just talking about accuracy, not overall.

Air Raid broke down who it could be and posted the clip on Twitter:

For the record, it really doesn't matter if Jones is or isn't more accurate. Success is ultimately what dictates the quality of a quarterback, and Allen has much more. Decision-making, as well as, reading defenses also goes to Allen. While national pundits will have you believe Allen is a turnover machine, the reality is all-time great quarterbacks like Manning, Marino, Elway, and Brady threw more interceptions in their first 6 years than Allen has. This doesn't mean Jones is bad, it just means the comparison is just about accuracy, not success and overall ability.

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As for who said it,  Air Raid thinks it's Jameson Crowder. Most probably assume it's Cole Beasley as he always tends to speak his mind.

For me, Beasley is probably who said it. The reason I think that is because of how Edlemen said the person was only talking about accuracy. Beasley has always said controversial things, then pulled back with an excuse like, "I'm only saying accuracy." He'll make a big deal about something, insinuating one thing and then insisting he was only talking about one small detail. It's just classic him. It's not necessarily wrong, it's just something he would do.

Who do you think said it and does it matter?

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