Luke Combs is either working with one of the hottest cross-genre stars on the planet, or he's yanking our chain.

A video of him sending a knowing look at the CMA Awards ends by zooming in on said knowing look, as if to say, "This means something!"

A duet? A tour? A collaborative bar in downtown Nashville?

That last choice is unlikely, as Combs already announced his own Nashville bar venture. So we're going to go with a Combs / Post Malone duet. Actually, there's a lot that makes sense about that, but first, watch the video yourself.

Combs is striding through a backstage area at the 2023 CMA Awards when he spots Post Malone walking across from him, thanking somebody off camera. The country singer grabs Post Malone by the shoulder, and after getting his attention, gives a nod. It's a true IYKYK moment.

As if wanting to be more cryptic, he drops the salute emoji to caption it all. Not helpful, Luke!

Is Luke Combs Singing With Post Malone?

Post Malone is trending to be country music's Where's Waldo in 2024. He flirted with the format for the better part of a year, and even got endorsements from men like Randy Travis and Brad Paisley.

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His first official foray came at the 2023 CMA Awards, when he performed Joe Diffie's "Pickup Man," a song he helped re-record for Hardy's upcoming album of Diffie hits. That came after he was photographed in studio with Paisley and Morgan Wallen, and maybe Ernest.

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Additionally, Post Malone says he is going to make a country album, but didn't spill any details. Fans of Combs showed enthusiasm for a collaboration in the comments to his post on X.

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