Did you know that the most Americans have around three friends? It's not surprising that a recent survey found that 77% of Americans are feeling lonely.

The survey by AssuranceIQ  took a look at things that contribute to loneliness like pet ownership and socialization. They wanted to find the most and least lonely states in the U.S. What they found about New York is pretty sad.

According to the survey, residents from the Empire State are ranked as the third most lonely in the nation, with a score of 69.02 out of 100. This means that many New Yorkers are feeling isolated and lonely.

One of the reasons could be the lack of family members nearby with only 18% of New Yorkers saying they have family close by. While New Yorkers are pretty lonely, we're not alone in experiencing loneliness.

Nevada took the top spot as the loneliest state in the U.S., with a score of 82.20. Only 27% of Nevada residents have family members nearby. Colorado came in second place, with a score of 74.57, as 86.3% of Colorado residents admitted to feeling lonely. Missouri and Oklahoma round out the top five list of loneliest states.

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The survey also looked at the role of pets in fighting loneliness. Oklahoma, one of the loneliest states, has the second-lowest percentage of pet ownership in the U.S., with only 15% of residents having a pet. This suggests that having a four-footed companion can bring less loneliness.

So, what are other ways that we can fight loneliness, especially in New York? My suggestion is find a way to connect with other people. Find a Bible-believing church or join a small group, that will help battle loneliness in ways that you can't imagine.

When it comes to what we can do on our own to fight back against loneliness, we can reach out to friends, and family, or participate in social activities. Also, finding new hobbies can make a big difference.

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