It's been the burning question in Western New York for the last three or four months -- when and where will Jack Eichel get traded?

There have been many teams who have said to be in serious talks about acquiring Eichel from the Sabres, most notably the New York Rangers, who would love to have Eichel in the biggest market with the young talent surrounding him.

But general manager Kevyn Adams is determined to get fair value for Eichel in a trade and there's also Eichel's uncertain injury future. He likely needs surgery on his neck, but the Sabres and Eichel's camp have reportedly been at odds over which type of surgery to get.

You add in the fact the Sabres are bad and will start another rebuild and it's clear that Eichel does not want to be on the Sabres anymore.

Eichel tweeted out an emoji on Thursday afternoon and it's leaving Sabres fans going crazy because they don't know what it means.

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The emoji clearly means Eichel is unhappy about something.

Is it just continued frustration that he isn't traded yet? A trade he's unhappy with just got agreed upon? Has he been told he will be a Sabre to start the season?

I suppose we will see why Eichel tweeted that at some point (maybe today). One thing is for sure, this has been a lot of fun to watch and ay more fun than actual Sabres games lately.

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