He tried to make it happen.  But Ron Grottanelli, the organizer of Jamboree In The Woods ended up having to cancel his event at the very last minute.

He vowed that the show would go on this weekend at Hogarosa Camp Ground in Springville, but after authorities threatened some of the musical performers of the event with incarceration, decided instead to call it off.

"How flat does this curve have to be before people can go back to making a living and enjoying life?" Grottanelli asked when being interviewed by WIVB.

Earlier this week, Grottanelli was handed cease and desist orders from Governor Cuomo but vowed to defy them.

There are no orders against camping, so the vehicles that showed up early enough to get their spot are still allowed to stay and camp for the weekend, but there will be no music and no dancing.

They had plans to enforce social distancing and to encourage people to keep safe distances from each other.  They were having every person entering the grounds fill out a questionnaire and have their temperature taken (which will still happen if people are coming to camp).

Grottanelli says he isn't done with this fight.  He feels that we still have a right to gather peacefully.  He intends to continue to push back against the orders of the state and will be appearing in court on August 19th.

“That’s what this is all about. It’s standing the ground not for me, but it’s standing the ground for everybody else whose businesses are not running right now because of this,” he said.



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