When you're an NFL rookie, you have a lot on your plate right out of the gate.

First of all (and most important), you have to learn the team's playbook and get accustomed to the new city and locker room. Secondly, you have to be part of the gauntlet of media availability.

Rookies are asked by their new team and the NFL to do things like extra interviews, tours and even rookie showcases to show the fans the new players with their new team uniforms.

Another thing the NFL did this off-season with high profile rookies is ask them to draw and color the logos of their new teams.

The results are everything you could dream of.

The best ones might be the two Detroit Lions first round picks, Aidan Hutchinson and Jameson Williams. Hutchinson's attempt to draw a blue lion looks more like an octopus, while Williams' looks pretty odd, which makes it that much better. We strive for comedy with a video like this.

Seattle Seahawks rookie running back Kenneth Walker Jr's attempt at the Seahawks logo is hilarious, but so is rookie running back James Cook's attempt at drawing the Bills logo.

It's reminding Bills Mafia of when Josh Allen tried to draw the Bills logo when he was a rookie back in 2018.

Josh's always reminded me of potato with a small face and a red streak across it.

Now, Josh's attempt at drawing the Bills logo is forever famous and perhaps Cook's also takes off in merchandise sales.

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