The Buffalo Bills are so lovable because they're not only the best team in the NFL right now, but because of how awesome they are off the field.

The Bills players support one another and support the Buffalo community. It's a special connection between a team and a region that is not matched in professional sports.

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The Bills players also love busting each other's chops off the field, on the field and in the locker room. Another case of that came on Tuesday.

If you are on Instagram, then you know it's very common for professional athletes, singers, actors and other public figures to do ad posts. That still doesn't make you immune to the friendly jabber from your teammates.

Bills rookie running back James Cook had that happen to him this week.

Cook did an Instagram ad post and Bills players decided to have some fun at his expense.

Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis and Devin Singletary invaded Cook's comments to offer some words and Bills fans are in tears with laughter.

The common theme is telling Cook to smile, which has been something his teammates and fans have noticed. Cook doesn't smile much but it's just the way he is and it doesn't mean he isn't happy.

Still, it's an easy target for teammates to make fun of him for. Diggs' comments are my favorite.

Cook should get an increased roll in the offense as the season moves forward, and this week against the Kansas City Chiefs could be a potential breakout game.

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