Jamie Lynn Spears is among the acts performing at the 2014 Taste of Country Music Festival, and she took a moment backstage to share an embarrassing memory of her dad in honor of Father's Day on Sunday.

"He's done too many embarrassing things -- I can't really name them all," the 23-year-old country singer tells Taste of Country's Billy Dukes.

"One time I was working with a band, and he asked them if he could take some extra time afterwards so that he could learn how to karaoke the song 'Colder Weather,' because he wanted to sing it at the dirt bike races."

Evidently neither Jamie Lynn nor her older sister, pop superstar Britney Spears, inherited their vocal ability from dear old Dad.

"Um, I mean, he's not horrible," she assures. "But he definitely shouldn't be singing in front of a crowd."

Spears -- who released her debut country single, 'How Could I Want More,' in late 2013, and her debut country EP, 'The Journey,' on May 27 -- is performing at the second day of the 2014 ToC Fest, along with Randy Houser, Craig Morgan and more. Brad Paisley is set to headline Saturday night.

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